Monday, November 23, 2009

A Season of Thanksgiving

Sitting here tonight contemplating all the things that I am thankful for is overwhelming. I live such a richly blessed life. Often times I forget about all the great things I have to be thankful for when circumstances get me down. So as an effort not to boast, but simply to praise God for His goodness, I am going to list all the things I am thankful for. Maybe reading my list will create a spark in your heart and remind you to thank God for his GRACE--giving to us even though we are undeserving.

I am thankful for...

1. Jesus dying on the cross for my sins as well as yours.

2. Forgiveness of my sins as well as God's help in helping me to forgive others

3. Love-especially the overwhelming kind that is felt between husband and wife and that of a mother and child.

4. Relationships because in the end, that is what will matter the most.

5. my job because I get the pleasure of preparing our future generation and hopefully shine my light for Jesus every day.

6. my husband Brent-He is the greatest flawed male ever:) He inspires me to be GREAT, and, not to mention, he is an incredible Daddy!

7. Camryn-She makes me smile with a simple hug. It's amazing how she learns and grows each day.

8. My family-I love knowing that whenever I need something, my family is just a phone call away ready to help in any way.

9. Friends-I have some of the most kind and compassionate friends who are behind me no matter the cirucumstance. I love you guys, and I appreciate you!

10. my home-a home is more than a building structure...a home is filled with love and memories.

11. my church-OPC is the most perfect church for me. I love the people, kindness, love for God, music, and the mission. I love standing on stage and leading my "family" in prasing God each Sunday through song. Thank you God for this opportunity!

12. hope-no matter how bad the day, I know that nothing really matters because "Jesus loves me." Thanks Tommy for the words!

13. so much more, but I would be here all night, and It's bathtime for now so I hope that you take a minute to pause and be thankful. Don't forget to praise God because He is the one who is responsible for your many blessings.

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